The data in your case management system is one of the most valuable resources in your office. It should outlast all administrators and employees. JustWare enables you to easily access and analyze your historical data. JustWare’s reporting tools allow you to query, display, and print any agency, state, local, or federal statistical requirements. JustWare comes with dozens of commonly requested system reports that help you and your staff extract critical data from JustWare. 

JustWare also provides tools that let authorized users–not just programmers–create additional ad-hoc and custom reports whenever you want. You can define the format, look, and content of all reports. Your users will be amazed at how quickly and easily the intuitive interface allows them to present cross tabular data with charting and graphing, drill down reporting, and hyperlinks that allow quick case and name access.

JustWare redefines the relationship between case management and reports by tightly integrating with a powerful, commercially available reporting solution. In other words, you can view JustWare reports as part of a data entry or other screen; you never have to exit JustWare or open another program. You can also have reports automatically emailed to specified mailboxes.

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