Government agencies frequently have unique needs not easily met by most commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) programs. Journal Technologies Adaptive Case Management software solution provides all the advantages of a COTS program with the flexibility (but without the costs and time commitment) of a custom-developed application. You can create an unlimited number of fields, create screens and data views based on users and groups, embed external programs, define code tables, create your own graphical dashboards, add an unlimited number of case types, and more.

JustWare Court

The right to a speedy court case is guaranteed by the constitution. As caseloads continue to grow and resources are stretched, many individuals are forced to wait longer and longer for resolutions. At Journal Technologies, we recognize your role is critical and have developed court software to help you automate many of the tasks that lead to case backlogs and slow down the judicial process. Whether you are a judge, court clerk, cashier, or other judicial staff, JustWare | Court can help you save time by becoming more efficient. JustWare’s configurability, security rules, and scalability make it the ideal web based court case management for all case types in a single jurisdiction or for all case types in all courts across a state.

Journal Technologies offers case management solutions for all courts, including district, county, and state, and court types, including criminal, civil, and specialty.  Journal Technologies has also been actively involved in many of the standards organizations that govern court case management technology and requirements.  Our court customers are as varied as the courts they serve.

JustWare Prosecutor

Prosecutors build strong communities by keeping residents safe. At Journal Technologies, we understand the diversity of your responsibilities and have created legal case management software to make it more manageable. JustWare | Prosecutor will help you get more done in your limited time between drafting documents, meeting with victims and police officers, arguing in court, and researching laws and cases. Whether you’re working on a criminal, civil, juvenile, asset forfeiture, or other case type, our prosecutor software will help you effectively manage legal matters for the community you serve.

JustWare Probation

Probation and parole agencies serve vital roles in our society. Whether you work in a probation, parole, or a court services office, you strengthen the community by helping offenders become law-abiding citizens. At Journal Technologies, we believe in the importance of your role and want to help. While we can’t meet with offenders and help them restructure their lives, as you do, we have built a web based probation and parole case management software solution, JustWare | Probation & Parole, to help you do so.

JustWare MuniCourt

Municipal courts are often the only justice system seen by many residents in our cities and towns. Many of the people you see each day will never appear in another court. You serve your community and we want to serve you. At Journal Technologies, we have created court case management software to help you serve your community in a more efficient way. Whether you are a judge, court clerk, or cashier, JustWare | Municipal Court—court software developed with municipal courts in mind—will help you manage information in a way that saves time and taxpayer dollars.

JustWare Defender

As a public defender, you protect our constitutional rights. While you are learning to do more with less, Journal Technologies would love to help you find the balance you are looking for. JustWare | Defender, a legal case management software, allows you to easily access and manage your cases and matters.

JustWare Pretrial 

Strong communities are built on a foundation of hard work and dedication. As a pretrial and diversion officer or staff member, you help first-time offenders stay out of jail and keep their records clean. You know that helping minor offenders stay out of jail will have an impact on their future careers, family and lives. At Journal Technologies, we believe in what you do and want to help. We can’t decrease the weight of your responsibilities but our diversion software can carry some of the burden. JustWare | Pretrial Services, our pretrial and diversion case management software, provides extensive functionality to simplify your task lists and manage your heavy load.