Journal Technologies’ JusticeWeb public access solutions gives the public and JusticeWeb users tools to view agency-defined case and name data, create permission-based access for sensitive data, allow pro se litigants and attorneys to e-file cases and documents, downloading discovery and case participants to make payments online. Meet your local community’s goals by choosing the components you need to best suit your needs.


Accessibility. With JusticeWeb’s secure online platform, you have the ability to share agency-defined data with the public or accessible only through a dedicated login. You have complete control of each user, or user-group granting various levels of access whether they be the press, public or case-involved names.

Efficient. Spend less time answering questions from the general public or case involved persons by providing read-only access to the most commonly requested materials online. By giving external users the ability to access calendars, agency-defined reports, or general case information online; you’ll reduce the amount of time needed to respond to public inquiries, phone calls, and data requests.


To protect the sensitive data you choose to share, JusticeWeb deploys multiple layers of security. JusticeWeb’s security makes certain that your materials can only be accessed by those you’ve granted permissions.

Read-Only format. JusticeWeb only gives access to the documents or reports you select. The original files are housed securely within your JustWare case management system.

User-Based Permissions. Permission-based accessibility allows you to restrict or grant access based on login credentials. Users may only access the materials/data per your permissions. This type of security allows you to provide JusticeWeb users with more detailed reports or calendars.


JusticeWeb’s online portal provides read-only access to data from your JustWare case management system directly to the press, public or case-involved persons.

With the versatility of user groups, you are able to use JusticeWeb for many different purposes. For example, law enforcement may have read-only access to case documents and calendars involving their department, versus the general public only having access to a calendar or annual reports.


JusticeWeb is an add-on to JustWare. JusticeWeb was developed to operate seamlessly with the JustWare case management platform. Acquire JusticeWeb as part of your initial JustWare installation, or add it later to increase the effectiveness of your JustWare case management solution.